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12 Step Reader - Thoughts Prayers and Meditations

by Tom M.
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Author: Tom M.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1494296071
ISBN 13: 978-1494296070

I have come by the contents of this collection over the years as friends have shared their thoughts with me. I have picked some ideas up from lecturers I have heard, books I have read. I have written them in my daily reader or tucked them between the covers and have enjoyed reading them through hundreds of times. The result is a dog-eared collection and a bulging daily reader whose binding is giving way. This led me to transcribing these thoughts into a volume for my own use of which this is the result. Once completed, it seemed to make sense to share it. For those who are curious about a 12 step life there is an essay, “A Way of Living, a letter to my sons” which offers one perspective.This Reader is designed to be opened each day and a selection or two read during a quiet time. It is to be scribbled in and added to. It is not an instruction manual or program in and of itself but does hope to provoke thoughts on how you are living your life, day by day. I hope you can find some of the peace and understanding I have found in its pages.