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Discover Recovery: A Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Workbook

Author: Central Recovery

Publisher: Central Recovery Press

ISBN 10: 1942094353
ISBN 13: 978-1942094357

A practical collection of evidence-based treatment modalities designed to assist the reader in developing the understanding and skills necessary to construct a solid foundation of recovery. Discover Recovery, using an applied approach, will allow readers to successfully integrate levels of change and address the many facets of recovery from substance and behavioral addiction.

Each chapter provides practical strategies and solutions that help strengthen one’s capacity to achieve and sustain recovery through didactic learning and skill development. Core issues are addressed that represent significant internal, interpersonal, and environmental obstacles for those new to recovery.

  • Speaks to the reader in a contemporary manner while respecting the pain of addiction and offering compassion, hope, and guidance.
  • Integrates time-tested wisdom and the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps with the efficacy of current counseling theories and practice.
  • Addresses issues unique to families confronting addiction, trauma survivors, and those suffering with chronic pain.