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Escaping the SNARE of Pornography Addiction: Strategies and tactics to help you free yourself from the SNARE of pornography addiction.

Author: Joe Klock

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1481901303
ISBN 13: 978-1481901307

1:18AM. You can't sleep. You leave your wife in bed and wander the house. You walk by your computer, and you stop in your tracks. Your heart begins to race. And inside your head, you are split right down the middle. A part of you is screaming "You can't do this again!" and another part is whispering "Go for it, it feels so good." The websites you know and the images burned into your head beckon you with a strange and irresistible power. Your heart now races with anticipation of the titillating, erotic and secret pleasure right there ...and free for the taking. And fall to the temptation, again. Your marriage is in serious trouble. You feel lost, unloved, empty, and even resentful and angry. The warmth and comfort of another woman's eyes, arms, and body stir a desire in you that seemingly cannot stop. The images on the computer screen or in the magazine are intoxicating. And suddenly....again you fall. The moment after you masturbate and climax, you go through the same feelings and actions. Immense guilt and crushing shame gradually evolve into anger and self-hatred. In a panic of remorse, your mind goes though the usual routine. You try to repent and cry out to God, and you tell yourself to seek help. But in your heart you know you won't do it. It is just too embarrassing, too shameful, and absolutely too humiliating. OK, you have a serious problem. You’re addicted to pornography. You've used the Internet, magazines, DVD's and adult moves and videos. Maybe you've been to adult bookstores, strip clubs, or perhaps solicited a massage, private dance, or even a prostitute. But in all've mostly used the Internet. And every time you do this, you feel horrible. You know it's wrong. You know it's a sin. You know that you are hurting your wife, girlfriend, children, and family. You also know that you are hurting God...and yourself. You know that you need deliverance from this addiction, and you want to be clean and free from this snare forever. But it's so incredibly difficult to stop. It seems impossible. You go a day, a week, even a month without falling. You feel better and even free....for a while. You can be the man you want to be, honor your wife like she should be honored, regain your self-respect, and maybe even a little bit of confidence. Mostly you feel free from the horrible secret life that you live with most of the time, and the fear of exposure that you carry on a daily basis. And you are sincere to the bottom of your heart. You do not want to fall again...ever. I understand. I have been there. For over 20 agonizing years, I was mired in that awful swamp, that prison of temptation, that cycle of defeat, that horrible snare. I know your struggle, your shame, and your deep desire to be free from the monster that holds you captive. And I also know that eradicating this habit, this addiction, this horror from your life is no easy task. My record of loss, pain, suffering, and the extended loss, pain and suffering that I inflicted on others is a searing memory that I carry every day of my life. Pornography is abundant, easily accessible, and completely destructive, both to men and women, both to the makers and the users. It is highly addictive, rampantly increasing, and is slowly becoming more and more accepted into mainstream society every day. It is everywhere, it is cheap or free, and it is very easy to hide. Millions of men in the United States including teachers, pastors, leaders, and men of honor and character are secretly caught in this snare. Sadly, you are not alone in this fight, not by a long shot. Pornography is a scourge and a disease that is destroying marriages, families, relationships, and the foundations of trust, faithfulness, and love on a daily basis. And it is time to do something about it. That is the purpose of this book. Do not despair. There is hope and there is freedom from the Snare.