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Reaching Through Resistance: Advanced Psychotherapy Techniques

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Author: Allan Abbass

Publisher: Seven Leaves Press

ISBN 10: 0988378868
ISBN 13: 978-0988378865

About half of all psychotherapy clients have little to no response or can even worsen in treatment. Why? They unknowingly use treatment-defeating behaviors, or resistances, that prevent emotional closeness and successful collaboration with the therapist.

Reaching through Resistance will help you

-Detect treatment resistance from the first client contact
-Understand the emotional factors behind resistance
-Discern various degrees and forms of resistance
-Recognize signs of anxiety in the body
-Activate and monitor unprocessed, unconscious impulses and feelings
turn a client against his/her long-held defeating behaviors
-Regulate intense anxiety when emotions are activated
-Mobilize the client's unconscious wish to become well recognize signs
of a powerful healing force: the unconscious therapeutic alliance

By detecting avoidance patterns and using specific interventions developed to handle them, you can empower a collaborative, vigorous treatment alliance with your client.