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25 Ways to Stop Being Depressed and Start Smiling Again: A Quick, Easy & Effective Guide on How to Overcome Anxiety and Depression While Learning to Love Yourself (How to Win At Life)

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Author: Elliot S. Addington

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1981005889
ISBN 13: 978-1981005888

25 ways to retrain your brain and take control of your life

Depression can be debilitating. That is we are here to help.

If we let them, anxiety and depression will take over our lives. Don’t let them win. You are stronger than that.

This quick & comprehensive guide cuts through the nonsense and gets straight to the point on how to overcome anxiety, depression, addiction and negative thoughts.

There’s no time for BS. This book gets straight to the point. Flip it open and learn how to use powerful strategies, tips and techniques to achieve long-lasting happiness.