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45 Binge Trigger Busters: How to Resist the Most Common Overeating Triggers Until They Lose Their Power Over You

Author: Glenn Livingston

Publisher: Psy Tech, Inc.

ISBN 10: 1732979219
ISBN 13: 978-1732979215

Binge eating triggers do NOT cause binges…they cause desires. Each time you recognize those triggers and avoid rewarding them with food you are effectively breaking down the connection between the trigger and the desire until that same trigger no longer produces a craving at all.In this book we cover:- EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: Low self-esteem, Self-doubt, Boredom, Feeling Deprived, Financial Concerns, Feeling fat, Stress and Overwhelm, Loneliness, Shame, Anxiousness, Apathy, Feeling powerless, etc’- PHYSICAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: Hunger, Being too tired, That time of the month, Thirst, etc.- ENVIRONMENTAL TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: The smell of food, Passing old haunts – Restaurants – Bakeries- and others, Lack of planning and preparation, Social situations, Nasty comments about your weight, Night time eating, etc.- THOUGHT BASED TRIGGERS AND THEIR BUSTERS: “One little bite won’t hurt”, “The scale doesn’t budge”, “ Can’t decide which diet to follow”, “Worried you’ll feel deprived forever”, “This can’t work forever”, “Not enough time for self-care”, “I can’t afford to eat healthy”, “My cravings will last forever”, etc.