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A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response

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Author: George S. EverlyJr.

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 10: 1493990977
ISBN 13: 978-1493990979

This comprehensive update of the now classic text applies the most current findings across disciplines to the treatment of pathogenic human stress arousal. New and revised chapters bring together the art and science of intervention, based in up-to-date neuroscience, starting with an innovative model tracing the stress-to-disease continuum throughout the systems of the human body. The authors detail the spectrum of physiological and psychological treatments for the stress response, including cognitive therapy, neuromuscular relaxation, breathing exercises, nutritional interventions, and pharmacotherapy. They also assess the strengths and limitations of widely-used measures of the stress response and consider the value of personality factors, cultural considerations, and resilience in stress mediation.

Included in the coverage:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the human stress response.
  • Advances in neuroscience: implications for stress.
  • Crisis intervention and psychological first aid.
  • Neurophysiological rationale for the use of the relaxation response.
  • Physical exercise and the human stress response. 
  • The pharmacological management of stress reactions.   
  • Disaster Mental Health Planning.
  • Cultural Awareness and Stress.

The Fourth Edition of A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of Human Stress Response offers readers a dual perspective, exceedingly useful in examining the origins of the stress response, and in preventing and treating the response itself. This rich integrative volume will join its predecessors in popularity among practitioners and students across disciplines and specialties.