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A Dance Amongst The Flames: A Young Foreign-Born Mom's Journey from Terrorist Attack and US Government Victimization to Triumph over Severe PTSD

Author: Yasemin B Pressley

Publisher: Fy

ISBN 10: 0578581515
ISBN 13: 978-0578581514

Yasemin, a young Muslim Turkish girl, falls in love with a handsome American named Frank in Ankara, Turkey. After they marry and have two children, Yasemin joins her husband working at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.
She can sense that her lifelong dreams are finally within reach. But external forces were set in motion to derail her plans - terrorists bombed the American Embassy in Nairobi on August 7th, 1998, while she and her husband are inside.
Frank is critically injured and flown to Germany for hospitalization. Yasemin follows with her family, physically unharmed but severely suffering from the effects of PTSD. It is then that she is confirmed pregnant with their third child, with Frank on death's doorsteps.
What follows is a tale of grief and struggle, but also of tremendous joy. From her diagnosis and struggle with PTSD treatments to Frank's physical therapy and abandonment by the State Department, Yasemin's story winds between betrayal and renewal as she searches for meaning in her new circumstances, and ultimately turns to God.