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A Family's Secret: Bipolar Disorder on Treetop Lane

Author: Carol Horan, MA, LMFT

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1468150871
ISBN 13: 978-1468150872

She had planned on graduating from college, marrying, teaching and having children. She hadn’t foreseen becoming a therapist. Life, however, didn’t always conform to her plans. She could never have envisioned the challenges ahead of her when she was twenty-two years old. This is a true story of an ordinary woman who loved her husband deeply and took her marriage vows seriously. She promised “for better or worse’ and resolved to hang onto her marriage and family as long as she could, despite the personal costs. As a marriage and family therapist she was saddened when she saw couples give up on relationships too easily. She fought to save what she held sacred.What happens when the best year of her professional life collides with the worst year of her marriage? Can she preserve her marriage despite her husband’s untreated mental illness? Can she keep her kids safe? Will she survive?A beautiful home nestled in a charming neighborhood within an affluent suburb hides bizarre family secrets she is too afraid to reveal. Hope, fear, and shame converge before she can make the biggest decision of her life. She had to lose almost everything before she discovered what was most important in her life.