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A Path Beyond Post Traumatic Stress: Steps to Recovery and Resilience

Author: E Anna Goodwin

Publisher: Bitterroot Mountain Publishing LLC

ISBN 10: 1940025400
ISBN 13: 978-1940025407

Especially in this time of world unrest, mass shootings, hurricanes, fires, accidents and war, people need to know about what happens to them or their loved ones who survive trauma, as well as how to help themselves and others.

Do you or someone you know struggle with stress after a trauma but are still functional to some degree? What you or a loved one may have is what the author calls Post Traumatic Stress, less severe than Post Traumatic Stress "Disorder." This book is also for you.

The book includes:

1. A test to determine your stress level.
2. Relevant information about stress after a trauma including symptoms, and recent research.
3. Steps to recovery and resilience. This includes the latest recovery methods.
4. Steps for families of survivors to help them deal with survivors, themselves and their children.