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A Sucker's Diary

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Author: Matthew Katzman

Publisher: 1st Book Library

ISBN 10: 1585004669
ISBN 13: 978-1585004669

A SUCKER'S DIARY chronicles the author's disastrous personal experience with stock market gambling addiction. It contains very accurate and thorough recollections of his involvement in the stock and option markets on money borrowed from credit cards at teaser rates; his insidiously slow transformation from a cautious investor to a reckless compulsive gambler; the eventual wipeout; and the hangover, during which he has had to repay an amount greater than his gross annual salary at regular credit card interest rates.

Readers of this shockingly revealing account have the chance to learn from the mistakes of their next-door neighbor, since the author preceded the majority of today's day traders in sentiment and experience by at least three years. Embarrassed to reveal anything about the biggest financial blunder of his life, he had to overcome a lot before writing about it.

Day trading catapults to emotional extremes. A SUCKER'S DIARY exposes the emotional roller coaster of a compulsive daytrader and the possible social implications of the explosion in online day-trading. The book delivers a bold message about the enormous risks and poor rewards of day trading, opening peoples' eyes to the perils of the online world.