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A to Z Christian Dream Symbols Dictionary: Unlock Your Dream Meaning and Message

Author: John Mark Volkots

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1530507839
ISBN 13: 978-1530507832

Many Christians believe we are living in both the most exciting and also the most precarious worldwide state of affairs in all of history as God is moving to bring the ages to a close. Therefore it is imperative and even critical for God’s people to place themselves in a position to hear what He is speaking and directing us to do in these times. From the beginning of time, dreams have been a major way that God speaks to His people, therefore it is important for us to understand the messages in the dreams that He gives us. Because dreams and visions are filled with symbolic language it is essential to properly interpret what the symbols mean, if we are to understand the message God is communicating to us through our dreams. Contains over 2400 symbols and definitions to help you understand your dreams and their meanings for your life.There are many excellent Christian teachings on dream interpretation, and rather than bring forth material that is already available, my desire instead is to place in your hands over 2400 symbols, with most of them having a multitude of meanings; to assist and train you in unlocking the mysteries of not only your dreams, but also the dreams of others. Since it is God’s voice alone we want to hear and understand, we have no interest in knowing how the world that is out of touch with God interprets dream symbols. Every interpretation must be God derived; otherwise we will not be receiving the truth of what He desires us to know. For that reason, the overwhelming majority of the symbol meanings found in this book are derived from the Bible; with the remainder sourced from tested Christian dream courses, teachers, and from interpreting the dreams of Christians. God desires you to know what He is speaking to you, so be encouraged that with the help of this book, you will be able to unlock the meanings and messages of your dreams.