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A Visit To The Farm: Large Print Fiction for Seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, a Stroke or people who enjoy simplified stories (Senior Fiction)

Author: Jamie Stonebridge

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1980396485
ISBN 13: 978-1980396482

Buy your loved one a simplified but enjoyable story, specially written for people with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or rehabilitating after a Stroke. Perfect for anyone facing challenges with memory or concentration but who still wants to be treated as an adult. Presented as ’normal’ 6x9 inch paperback book with a modern cover that looks similar to those used on James Patterson novels. A surprise invitation leads a husband and wife to visit a farm. Their overnight stay lets them experience the sights and sounds of a working farm. They get to enjoy spending time with animals once again. There is no mention of dementia anywhere on the cover or inside the book, so no indication to the reader that this is in anyway a ‘special needs’ book. Yet inside is where the magic happens. Over 6 chapters our central character explores their day. They meet and talk to people and make simple discoveries. An enjoyable and relevant story is told. Each chapter starts with a photograph that is relevant to the story and gives the reader with a helpful visual prompt. Short paragraphs are used with easy to read 16 point large print. This is helps the the reader avoid struggling with long paragraphs and stops them feeling overwhelmed by long chapters or confusing words. Jamie Stonebridge books are written in collaboration with people that have direct, positive experience of working with loved ones and patients that have dementia. They understand the enjoyment that can be gained from the simplicity of everyday events and the calming effect of a satisfying ending. The aim is always the same: to produce books that bring a smile. Real and relevant books give pride and confidence to people with Dementia. Avoid the embarrassment of using Childrens books and choose Senior Fiction instead. It is people like you that keep reading alive at all stages in a person’s life. We can all live through books. Reading alone or with others is a wonderful thing. Choose a a Jamie Stonebridge book that brings joy and happiness. If you find it helps your loved one, please let others know by writing a review.