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Advice I Ignored: Stories and Wisdom from a Formerly Depressed Teenager

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Author: Ruby Walker

Publisher: Ruby Walker

ISBN 10: 1733478973
ISBN 13: 978-1733478977

Advice I Ignored is the only book about teenage depression that was actually written by a teenager!

When Ruby Walker was fifteen, she went from a numb, silent, miserable high school dropout to a joyous loudmouth in one year flat. Advice I Ignored answers the question everyone's been asking her since: What happened? In ten illustrated chapters, you'll learn how to:

  • get out from under self-hatred
  • gain a sense of free will
  • deal with failure without falling apart
  • create your way through an existential crisis
  • use exercise to beg your brain for endorphins
  • have an identity beyond "sad"
  • and more!

Full of embarrassing stories, honest advice, and fierce hope, Advice I Ignored is a self-help book for people who hate help. And themselves.