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An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor

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Author: Janet M. Gibson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN 10: 0367029081
ISBN 13: 978-0367029081

ISBN 10: 0367029049
ISBN 13: 978-0367029043

An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of psychologists’ research on humor. Drawing on research from a variety of psychological perspectives, from cognitive and biological to social and developmental, the book explores factors that affect our detection, comprehension, liking, and use of humor.

Throughout the book, theories and paradigms of humor are explored, with each chapter dedicated to a distinct field of psychological research. Covering topics including humor development in children and older adults, humor’s effectiveness in advertisements, cross-cultural psychology and humor’s functions in the workplace, the book addresses the challenges psychologists face in defining and studying humor despite it being a universal and often daily experience.

Featuring a wealth of student-friendly features, including learning objectives and classroom activities, An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor is an essential read for all students of humor.