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Anxiety And Panic Attacks: How to fight anxiety, cure panic disorders, beat shyness and phobias and create a richer and more meaningful life

Author: Jackson Moody

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1659558883
ISBN 13: 978-1659558883

Do you want to fight anxiety, cure panic disorders, beat shyness and phobias and create a richer and more meaningful life? If yes, then keep reading…

The plight of people struggling with panic attacks cannot be overemphasized; they battle through each episode and often look endlessly for some form of solution. The physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that are experienced due to anxiety can leave victims of such a draining condition empty and downcast. Self-confidence, self-worth, self-value becomes hurt and depleted. Soon, the individual begins to withdraw from people and places that remind him/her of the episodes he/she had encountered.

But this condition isn’t fatal, and neither is it a guarantee of never having a happy life. The journey to full recovery is never comfortable. It would demand further knowledge and understanding of the problem, dedication to the plausible solution, and renewed belief and hope that the condition would be put entirely under control. A complete overhaul of the sufferer’s mode of thinking is vital. Toxic thoughts must be eliminated and replaced with healthier thoughts. This will go a long way in boosting the morale and the self-esteem of the individual

Once the elementary aspects of mental reframing are in place, the individual must be encouraged to see panic symptoms as indicators, not as agents of more anxiety. This is important as viewing things this way will help them work with these indicators rather than get worked up at the thought of them. With a proper understanding of what is unfolding, the individual can take the necessary steps in preparing his/herself for an impending episode.

Engaging one’s self over and over by way of constant practice is also vital for healing. Nothing left unexercised can grow or become a part of the unconscious mind. Therefore, the individual must be committed to exercising his/herself so as to perfect the mind and take absolute control of the emotions. This action will require diligence and astute commitment, as this is the final stage that most give up on. It is possible to learn all these and not see long-lasting results due to a lack of practice. Therefore, total commitment to repetitive exercising of ideas, methods, procedures, and skills are encouraged.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Anxiety and real-life situation

  • Causes of panic attacks

  • Fuels for panic attacks

  • Making the effort limitation from recuperation

  • No more preparing for anxiety attack

  • Emotions-steps to treat depression

  • Nourish your body and mind

  • Perception fallacies

  • Keeping out of danger

  • Living a happy and fulfilling life

... AND MORE!!!

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