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anxiety-workbook-for-women-a-7-week-guide-with-simple-day-by-day-exercises-to-learn-how-to-fight-social-anxiety-panic-attacks-depression-and-increase-your-self-esteem-self-help-1. 2 ["Account Type","Format"] == ["Account Type","Format"]

Anxiety Workbook for Women: A 7-Week Guide with Simple Day by Day Exercises To Learn How To Fight Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression And Increase Your Self-Esteem. (Self-Help)

Author: Kristin Winters

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8609415226

Are you struggling with social anxiety, panic attacks, depression and low self-esteem? Keep reading this 7-week guide with day by day exercises to learn how to fight social anxiety, panic attacks, depression and increase your self-esteem.

Anxiety will never change the outcome. Every single human being on this planet had spent at least one-day worry about something. And it is perfectly reasonable and something we are all prone to. But, no matter how much we suffer, the final result is never affected by this state of mind.

What starts with one evil thought, can grow into a gigantic cluster of negative, worrying thoughts that are powerful enough to make you not only mentally, but also physically ill. I am sure that as you read these lines, you remember some of your biggest worries that turned out to be ultimately futile. You worried whether you'd pass the test if that girl or guy likes you back, what if you are not good enough, how you did on that last job interview…

Worrying is not the key to living a cautious life, au contraire; it is the key that opens the door to broken peace, sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, overthinking and unhappiness.

The question that this book asks is: are you a chronic worrier?

If you are not sure about your answer, look inside you, and you will know. Do you worry about things that most people would not even think twice about? Do you fear that something terrible will happen to you or to the people you love? Does this feeling make you feel scared, tired or as if you are walking on the edge?

There is a plethora of negative thoughts that cause the ugly feeling of worry, believing that if you do worry about the possible adverse outcome, then you are always prepared to do something, or be more careful or be in control.

Constant worrying blocks your mind from seeing a solution for a problem; it tricks you to believe that you care about something or someone just because you worry about them, when in fact it is the only thing that you do – worries and nothing else.

Constant worriers believe that by thinking about a problem or a situation and worry about it, they are analyzing it better and that they are capable of coming up with a suitable solution. Ask a constant worrier what they think about snap solutions of a problem? They would bombard you with millions of questions about the issue and will create an even more profound and perhaps non-existent problem, believing that they see all the options or outcomes.

To worry all the time means to be in a constant disturbed state where you feel anxious, scared and alerted because you believe the outcome will be fatal.

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Week 1:  Knows Yourself

  • Week 2:  Present Moment Awareness

  • Week 3:  Observing Your Thoughts

  • Week 4:  Procrastination, Worry, Phobias and Panic:

  • Week 5:   Facing Your Fears

  • Week 6:   How to Practice Relaxation and Mindfulness

  • Week 7:  Simplify Your Life and Live in the Present Moment

  • ... AND MORE!

This book is here to help you understand what the process of worrying brings and how you can quickly, step-by-step set yourself free from this monster that controls your life.

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