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APA Handbook of Psychopharmacology (APA Handbooks in Psychology®)

Author: Dr. Suzette M. Evans PhD

Publisher: American Psychological Association

ISBN 10: 1433830752
ISBN 13: 978-1433830754

The APA Handbook of Psychopharmacology provides a comprehensive working knowledge of basic pharmacology and psychopharmacology, examines the utility of pharmacotherapy for addressing different dimensions of human suffering, and highlights the broader professional and social issues surrounding this work in a language that is suitable for a broad readership. This 33-chapter handbook is designed as a library reference that captures the most current research to date on pharmacotherapy strategies for addressing emotional and behavioral conditions, as an informative guide for educators and students to strengthen their understanding of the scientific and professional issues associated with the field of psychopharmacology, and as an invaluable desk reference for both researchers and practicing clinicians. Chapters cover fundamental principles of pharmacology and psychopharmacology; psychopharmacology for the treatment of psychological disorders, substance use disorders, and addiction; and issues pertaining to professional training, policy, and industry. Most chapters include a tool kit of resources, providing recommended references that clinicians can use in practice and as educational and teaching tools to stay abreast of the latest developments on the pharmacological treatments for each disorder.