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Archetypes Made Easy: Transform Your Beliefs, Empower Your Life, Live Your Truth

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Author: Barbara Stone-Andrews

Publisher: Journey of Awakening

ISBN 10: 0987645218
ISBN 13: 978-0987645210

ISBN 10: 0987645226
ISBN 13: 978-0987645227

Are you lacking clarity and direction in your life? Do you feel powerless to change the way you think, feel and act? If so, Archetypes Made Easy is a roadmap for inner empowerment and genuine change. It gives you the tools to transmute internal conflict, self sabotaging behavior and provides you with a clear life path. Barbara Stone-Andrews is a skilled transformation facilitator and archetype specialist and her book explores the hidden forces driving your emotions, decisions and behaviors, using Carl Jung's famous Universal Archetypes. Archetypes Made Easy will show you: How Archetypes work. Your unique potential and how to experience greater success and fulfilment. Which archetypes are currently shaping your values, character and life choices.How to cast your own archetype chart readings and gain personal clarity and guidance in all areas of your life (financial, emotional, health, and relationships) Archetypes Made Easy offers the tools, techniques, knowledge and guidance to change your life for the better. If you like well-written advice, easy-to-follow lessons, and an eye-opening understanding of how your mind really works, then you’ll love Barbara Stone-Andrew’s life changing book.