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Avoidant Personality Disorder Journal: Beautiful Journal for People With APD w. Anxiety and Mood Trackers with Social Anxiety and Avoidant Personality ... Exercises, Gratitude Prompts and more.

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Author: MakePeaceWithYourselfDesigns

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1707785686
ISBN 13: 978-1707785681

AVOIDANT PERSONALITY DISORDER MANAGEMENT JOURNAL suitable for people suffering with avoidant personality disorder and social anxiety and avoidant personality symptoms which can cause both mental and physical symptoms and seriously impact ability to form relationships, mental health and more. Makes a beautifully thoughtful gift for someone who suffers from avoidant personality disorder (APD), or buy it as a gift to yourself if you are looking for a book to help write down your thoughts, track your 'episodes' and self isolation, as well as triggers and use as a tool in your self-care

This book includes anxiety and mood tracker pages where you can create weekly graphs, there are social anxiety worksheets and symptom logs to help identify triggering situations and work through them (a great supplement to your therapy sessions) along with morning/afternoon/evening anxiety scales to see if certain times of the day are triggers (going to school, work, etc). There are also beautiful quotes in the interior with illustrations. There are gratitude prompts which can help refocus thoughts on bad days from what makes life difficult to the things that make life great. This book has plenty of blank pages to use to track moods, write down your thoughts and generally promote self-care, expression, mental health and mindfulness.

  • ANXIETY vs MOOD CHART this book contains anxiety and mood trackers to help identify triggers, patterns and assist with avoidant personality disorder management.
  • AVOIDANT PERSONALITY SYMPTOM LOG & WORKSHEET this symptom tracker and worksheet is a great supplement to therapy and helps you systematically go through your symptoms and your thinking and promotes you coming up with solutions and logging progress over time.
  • INSPIRING QUOTES that help sufferers of anxiety get over feelings such as guilt and isolation and instead inspire self-acceptance.
  • MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS EXERCISES to use during daily life to promote calm and self-care.
  • GRATITUDE PROMPTS including "who are you most grateful for?", "when is gratitude important?" to help refocus negative thought patterns.
  • SELF ESTEEM PROMPTS exercises to promote self esteem and self love!
  • 124 PAGES of high quality paper with helpful prompts, lovely illustrations (you can colour in!), quotes, exercises and lined journal pages.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLOSSY COVER with a beautiful design. Check out my other books for more designs.

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