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Behind the Smile

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Author: Marie Osmond

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN 10: 044667852X
ISBN 13: 978-0446678520

ISBN 10: 0446527769
ISBN 13: 978-0446527767

More than one out of 10 new mothers experience post-partum depression (PPD), yet few women seek help. After Marie Osmond, beloved singer and TV talk show host, gave birth to her seventh child (four of her children are adopted), she became increasingly depressed. One night, she handed over her bank card to her babysitter, got in her car, and drove north-with no intention of returning until she had emerged from her crisis. After she went public with her own experiences with PPD on Oprah and Larry King Live, the response was overwhelming. Now collaborating with a doctor who helped her through her ordeal, Marie Osmond will share the fear and depression she overcame, and reveal how she put it all behind her and is moving on with her life.