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Being Whole: Healing from Trauma and Reclaiming My Voice

Author: Cassandra Fay LeClair

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1711001554
ISBN 13: 978-1711001555

Being Whole is Dr. Cassandra LeClair’s gripping story of achieving healing and wholeness following years of abuse accompanied by heart-rending secrecy and shame. Exquisitely honest—and always breathtakingly authentic and highly relatable—Dr. LeClair’s story is, ultimately, one of hope and redemption. Acknowledging that we all endure periods of stress, trauma, and crisis, Dr. LeClair urges readers to examine, acknowledge, and heal their own broken and fragmented pieces—using their voice in the way that best resonates with them. In a world that demands that our lives showcase perfection, Dr. LeClair encourages us to recognize and own all aspects of our stories—especially the messy and painful parts— so that we can integrate all of our experiences more fully and achieve a life filled with peace and purpose.