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Being With Dementia: A Soulful Approach

Author: Miekka Zanders

Publisher: Being With Dementia, LLC.

ISBN 10: 057859479X
ISBN 13: 978-0578594798

Individuals with dementia demonstrate presence every day, and they ask us to enter their world; they ask us to connect with them. 

Through my personal journey, I have learned that true connection is about giving our complete attention to the person sitting next to us. It's about being present—with our spouse or partner, children, friends, coworkers and even our pets. It takes commitment and it is hard work, but ultimately it provides life's greatest reward: a sense of love and belonging.

This book is a compilation of stories to illustrate the power of presence when caring for individuals who have dementia, along with valuable insights and practical tips that caregivers can immediately apply to improve the quality of life for all involved.