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Beyond Stuttering: The McGuire Programme - for getting good at the sport of speaking!

Author: Dave McGuire

Publisher: The McGuire Program California LLC

ISBN 10: 1733011501
ISBN 13: 978-1733011501

The McGuire Programme has been featured in many television documentaries including the 2019 BAFTA TV nominated ITV documentary “SCHOOL FOR STAMMERERS”.

In 1994, Dave McGuire founded The McGuire Programme, an international self-help membership organization using the same methods that helped him overcome a severe stutter. Called The McGuire Programme, this organization (owned and operated by those who stutter to help others who stutter), runs 3-4 day intensive courses and provides follow-up support throughout the world. This book (3RD EDITION, 2019) is the course manual for all members.

Combining mental strategies with breathing techniques, this book explains The McGuire Programme, a proven technique for long-term improvement in speech and self-confidence for those who suffer from stuttering. Developed through the author’s own struggles, readers learn to deal with their fear of stuttering by using a combination of physical techniques and mental strategies so that they can become better than normally fluent speakers. This 25th anniversary edition has been revised to incorporate the development of the methods of The McGuire Programme.