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Beyond Success with Carol Eberle Peterson

Author: Carol Eberle Peterson

Publisher: Success Publishing, LLC

ISBN 10: 1970073268
ISBN 13: 978-1970073263

Beyond Success with Carol Eberle Peterson is an anthology of everyday people who share their journey to success. It features Carol Eberle Peterson alongside several other authors.

Carol Eberle Peterson believes that everybody’s “silver platter” goes from big to small, and vice versa. She claims that it’s normal to go through life crises, uncertain about the future, and wondering what the correct course of action is. By taking one day at a time, we will get past the rough stages in our lives.

About the Author

Carol Eberle Peterson is an author and life coach. She has over 24 years of experience in Aviation. As a proud world traveler, she persevered through life despite many struggles and tragedies. She still finds time to help people get through hardships and add passion to traveling amid life's storms.