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Beyond Success with Jayde Martinez Santana

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Author: Jayde Martinez Santana

Publisher: Success Publishing, LLC

ISBN 10: 1970073306
ISBN 13: 978-1970073300

Beyond Success with Jayde Martinez Santana is an anthology that features several authors who share their success journeys. Martinez's chapter in the book has personal stories and examples that will push the reader to follow through with their goals. She explains that everything that we have in life is equivalent to our mindset and beliefs in whether or not we can have it. The key to exercise success in all areas of our lives is, therefore, to put mind over matter.

About the Author

Jayde Martinez Santana has been serving in the Army reserves for six years. She is a non-commissioned officer with the title of sergeant. She is also an entrepreneur in the travel industry. Jayde has a passion for writing about relatable events in her life to inspire others to learn from them and apply action in their lives.