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Bipolar Disorder — General Aspects.

Author: Marcus Deminco

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1980946019
ISBN 13: 978-1980946014

Through the review of indexed scientific journals in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, neurology and neurosciences, the main purpose of this book was to present amd describes a general analysis of Bipolar Disorder: its historical aspects, main concepts, subtypes, phases, episodes, etiology, the most accepted neurobiological characteristics, the course, the prevalence, the most common Comorbid Disorders, the diagnosis and the most commonly used forms of treatment.________# Book Summary #Historical Aspects Definition and Prevalence The Phases of Disorder Depressive Episode Manic Episode Mixed Episode The Neurobiological Bases of TB Diagnosis Differential Diagnoses Specific Features Treatments Psychotherapy & Mood Stabilizers First Choice Maintenance Second Choice Maintenance Third-Party Maintenance Non-Recommended Maintenance Combined Therapy Monotherapy With Antidepressants Other Agents _________ From the same author of the books:‘The Secret of Clarice Lispector’‘Vertygo - The Suicide of Lukas’‘Me and My Friend DDA'.