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Bipolar Disorder: The complete guide to understanding, dealing with, managing, and improving bipolar disorder, including treatment options and bipolar disorder remedies!

Author: Alyssa Stone

Publisher: Ingram Publishing

ISBN 10: 1761030620
ISBN 13: 978-1761030628


Bipolar disorder can be a tricky condition to diagnose, understand, and manage.
This book will explain to you exactly what Bipolar Disorder is, and how it is properly diagnosed.
You will also learn about the key signs and symptoms that a person with Bipolar Disorder may display.

Whether you personally suffer from bipolar disorder, or someone close to you does, this book will provide you with the insight necessary to properly understand, manage, and deal with the condition.

You will learn about the different types of Bipolar, and how to treat each one.
This book explains the different medical treatment options, as well as self-help techniques you can use to help treat Bipolar.

With the help of this guide you will be well on your way to successfully managing your Bipolar Disorder, and living a healthy and prosperous life!

Here Is What You'll Learn About...

  • What is Bipolar Disorder
  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Types of Bipolar
  • Bipolar Medications
  • Psychotherapy Treatment Options
  • Alternative Treatment Options
  • Self-Help Strategies
  • Lifestyle Changes for Bipolar Management
  • Much, Much More!