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Boundaries & Protection

Author: Pixie Lighthorse

Publisher: Soulodge Ranch
ISBN 10: 0998295310
ISBN 13: 978-0998295312

Publisher: Soulodge Ranch, LLC
ISBN 10: 0998295345
ISBN 13: 978-0998295343

This book is motivated by love and infused with magic—the magic that comes from understanding the profound laws of nature. It is derived from my personal and professional work with boundaries as a self-care practice. It is inspired by powerful conversations, healing shamanic journeys, and adventures in broken relationships. My personal journey with boundaries practice has been companioned by my faithful spirit helper and queen, Mountain Lion. The book began as a three-time, best-selling e-course called Boundaries Boot Camp, which has helped many people put their relationships back on track. My dream is that Boundaries & Protection will be a companion to those who carry it and that it’s medicine will be integrated with application.The contents of Boundaries & Protection are not the clinical opinions of a certified expert on the subject of human psychology and behavior, but of an experience-backed, intuitive healer and teacher who loves people, life, and the gifts of Spirit as they express themselves subtly in nature. My experience with thousands of women, and professional consult have been robust teachers.Reading it, you may become aware of instances where you have violated someone’s boundaries. Don’t let it stop you from carrying on. Don’t let it send you into a spiral of shame. You can make amends for mistakes and use this book to set things right again. The empowerment that comes from a boundaries practice lies in allowing mistakes and trusting that we have everything we need to make repairs.This book is my offering to you of golden protection through your own murky territories where clarity is desired. It is intended to help you take responsibility for how your relationships are handled, and to enjoy the process of cultivating deep intimacy.Boundaries and Protection is for healers and wise people of all traditions for great energetic boundaries and balanced relationships.