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Brain Gone Wild: A Tale of Electrodes, Schizophrenia, and John

Author: Polly Debutts

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN 10: 1478729694
ISBN 13: 978-1478729693

Brain Gone Wild follows the story of the youthful 19 year old John struck down 30 years ago with the tragic illness schizophrenia, a scary name for a brain disease. The slow insidious arrival of the illness is described in detail until it blasts forth in unbelievable events. John's frantic efforts to understand what has gone so terribly wrong in his thinking are documented in this well-written and sometimes humorous account. The reader will be able to learn the nature and symptoms of this devastating brain illness and how the electrodes (or voices) are constantly torturing John. Will paranoia reign supreme for John's life or will his human spirit fight back? This cruel disease has no known cure. It can be contained but not cured. And, why won't John take his medicine? Anosognosia, better known as a refusal to take medicine, is the result of the very brain dysfunction that underlies the illness! So without medicine, we read of the many frightening psychotic episodes occurring in our neighborhoods with tragic regularity. "A history of mental illness" is the only explanation we are given about the person committing a violent crime. Can violence be predicted? Yes: if there is no medication, there can be violence. Other factors include a history of violence and current drug abuse. During John's second year of college he celebrates his 20th birthday in the hospital with the first diagnosis of schizophrenia. His 30th birthday is celebrated with a small remission of 4 to 5 years. His 40th birthday is celebrated in jail for trying to buy street drugs. He explains why he was buying the drugs: "For years thousands of electrodes have been put into my body which cause extreme pain and lumps as well as computer voices in my head. I needed relief." However, on John's 50th birthday there will be cause for a true celebration! Although he is still lonely and unable to work, his human spirit is fighting the electrodes, the computer voices and the paranoia and there