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Brain Wash Diet Recipes: Over 60 Delicious and Healthy Meals to Help You on The Brain Wash Diet

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Author: Jennifer Smith

Publisher: Timeline Publishers

ISBN 10: 1951161750
ISBN 13: 978-1951161750

The brain wash diet encourages mindful eating of healthy foods, quality relationship bonding, controlled thoughts, and better decision-making ability. The brain wash diet is adopting a healthier lifestyle that can be maintained all year long. The stereotype that says “healthier is expensive and unaffordable” is a total fallacy. A healthier life wades off several trips to the hospital for one treatment or the other that could have been avoided if we took our health as our sole responsibility. Be intentional with what you have listed on your shopping list and be disciplined enough to buy only healthy foods. Love your body enough to want to stay fit and healthy, only you can transfer this positive energy to the world as no one can love you more than you should love yourself. WIth Over 60 Delicious Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts etc. you are assured you can follow through with the brain wash diet without worries of the next meal to make.

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