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Break Free from Codependency: How to Have Healthy Relationships, Love Yourself, Stop Enabling and Controlling Others, and be Codependent No More

Author: Olivia Essan

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1983133574
ISBN 13: 978-1983133572

Are you compelled to spend literally every single hour together with your partner? Are you jealous if they talk to or go out with anyone else? Have you ever struggled with poor self-esteem, an uncertain sense of identity, and a lack of specific goals or direction in life?

If you said ‘yes’ to these questions, you likely have some codependent tendencies that this book will help you manage.

This book is aimed at helping you understand what it is to suffer from codependency and its true toxic nature.

Understand your codependency and how to break free

Grab this book today and learn:

  • The Characteristics and Traits of a Healthy Relationship vs. A Codependent Relationship
  • Who Does Co-dependency Affect?
  • How Do Co-dependent People Behave?
  • What are the root causes behind codependency?
  • How does one identify Codependency?
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Codependent Relationship
  • Questionnaire to Identify Signs of Co-dependency
  • How does a person overcome and fix codependent behaviors?
  • Unhealthy and Codependent Behaviors
  • Enabling
  • Stopping Enabling Behavior
  • Establishing Boundaries and Setting Limits
  • How to Deal with the Realization that Things May Not Always Work Out
  • Breaking up from a relationship when you are codependent
  • Breaking up with a codependent partner

Codependency can consume you and rule your entire life. But you don’t have to let it. If you suffer from codependent tendencies you need these tools. Grab this guide today and make a small investment in your mental health that could radically improve every facet of your life.