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Brief Therapy Homework Planner

Author: Gary M. Schultheis

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN 10: 0471246115
ISBN 13: 978-0471246114

Help your clients develop their problem-solving, communication, and coping skills.

As a mental health professional, you work to help your clients learn to recognize and clearly communicate their feelings, to identify how and when problems arise, and to develop effective coping strategies. In today's managed care environment, in which rapid results are everything, many psychotherapists are finding that pencil-and-paper homework exercises can provide a highly effective therapeutic adjunct for helping clients achieve those goals.

The Brief Therapy Homework Planner arms you with dozens of ready-to-use between-session assignments designed to fit with virtually every therapeutic mode. You get 62-behaviorally-based, copier-ready exercises, grouped by skill set and covering all major presenting symptoms. The author, an experienced clinician, provides expert guidance on how to make the most efficient use of the exercises, along with cross-references to the best-selling Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, 2nd Edition that help you to identify the right exercise for a given situation or behavioral problem.

And, since no two therapists—or clients—are alike, the Brief Therapy Homework Planner comes with a computer diskette containing all the assignments in the book in word-processing format. You have complete freedom to adapt, customize, and fine-tune the assignments to suit your unique style and your clients' needs.

The Brief Therapy Homework Planner is an indispensable tool-of-the-trade for all mental health professionals working in independent and small group practices.