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Bro, You Free?: A Modern Man’s Guide to Understanding Past Pain (Part 1) (The Bro Code)

Author: Scott Silverii

Publisher: Five Stones Press

ISBN 10: 1940499739
ISBN 13: 978-1940499734

When we men talk about pain, we first think of physical pain from injury or accident. There is a masculine, internal block on the notion of our emotions or feelings being hurt. How could they be, we’re men after all! Now, don’t worry because I’m not going to get tree hugger on you, but it would be a waste of your time if we didn’t dig into everything.That was my stubborn mindset for years, but thank God for the revelation that my unresolved pain was devastating, and held a lasting effect on my life. Even more thanks that God showed me how to free myself from the stranglehold of what living a life of hurt and hate had caused. I was blessed by His mercy, and want to share God’s word and my journey toward liberation from what had destroyed so much of me for so many years. We’re here together to make major changes in our lives, so I wanted to make sure the Bro Code Series has a maximum impact. Let’s commit to making this happen. Our other Bros have found that it works best if you commit to carving out time daily to pray over this, read each day’s message, and respond to the Call To Action sections. Here’s to you finding freedom from your past.