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By Their Side: A Resource for Caretakers and Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder

Author: Lara Lyn Bell

Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group

ISBN 10: 161254312X
ISBN 13: 978-1612543123

In the depths of illness, it can be difficult to believe recovery is possible. Overcoming an eating disorder is one of the hardest battles any of us can fightnot only for the afflicted person but also for the friends, family members, and loved ones suffering beside them, wondering how they can help.By Their Side understands. The parents, siblings, friends, doctors, psychologists, and survivors who lend their voices to this book have all witnessed the destructive power of an eating disorder firsthand. By sharing their powerful testimony, expert advice, tips, and technical knowledge, they hope to empower you to understand what your loved one is going through and how you can provide the best possible support. As you read, you may also follow along in the companion book, Working by Their Side, a workbook for guided journaling, recording observations, and compiling resources for your loved one and yourself. No matter how dark the future seems, there is hope for healing. Let By Their Side help you find the way.