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CBT for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Training Manual for the Treatment of Fear, Panic, Worry and OCD

Author: Kimberly Morrow

Publisher: PESI

ISBN 10: 1683731417
ISBN 13: 978-1683731412

combining evidence-based approaches and years of clinical experience, CBT for Anxiety provides step-by-step skills training for implementing cognitive behavioral therapy into your anxiety treatment plans.

Concise, clear and practical, this workbook will provide immediate tools to motivate, encourage and effectively treat even your more anxious clients. A key highlight of the book are guided opportunities to work through treatment obstacles to enhance your clinical skills. The authors have also created dozens of reproducible worksheets, exercises and handouts to share with clients and their families.

- Assessment and diagnosis
- Goal setting
- The art of exposure and response prevention
- Skills adapted for children
- The role of Mindfulness
- Relapse prevention
- Involving friends and family in treatment