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Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light: Book 1: Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing

Author: Robert Burney

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1463740921
ISBN 13: 978-1463740924

This was a process level - how to - book about the inner child healing approach discovered by Robert Burney in his recovery from codependency. It is a follow up to his book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls which has been described as one of the most transformational books of our times - and as taking inner child healing to a new level. This compilation of writings from his website is about healing. It contains tools, techniques, and insights into the healing process that work in a powerful, effective way to change the quality of the individuals life experience for the better. They work because they help the individual to align with the way life really works instead of expecting it to be something which it is not. The approach to healing detailed on these pages is one which has evolved in his personal recovery since January 3, 1984 and in his counseling practice since 1990. He was guided to discover and develop an approach to inner child healing that offers a powerful, life-changing formula for integrating Love, Spiritual Truth, and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into one's emotional experience of life - a blueprint for individuals to transform their core relationship with self and life. The approach to inner child / emotional healing shared herein is the missing piece - the missing perspective - of the puzzle of life that so many people have been seeking. This formula is the key to learning how to be more Loving to your self - and to turning life into an adventure to be experienced instead of an ordeal of suffering to be endured. It is possible to feel the feelings without being the victim of them or victimizing others with them. It is possible to change the way you think so that your mind is no longer your worst enemy. It is possible to become empowered to have choices in life at the same time you are letting go of trying to be in control. Life can be an exciting, enjoyable adventure if you stop reacting to it out of your childhood emotional wounds and attitudes. The tools and techniques, insights and beliefs, set out in this book work. They work to support the idea that each and every one of us is Lovable and worthy. They work to help change life from an unbearable ordeal to a often enjoyable adventure. Try it - you might find it works for you also.