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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Master Your Emotions, Overcome Anxiety, Negative Thoughts, Master Your Brain

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Author: Edward Benedict

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1794056165
ISBN 13: 978-1794056169

If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness, anxiety, stress, depression, and so on. This is the book that you should get. Unlike other books, this book has looked into the different behaviors that people have and how they affect them to the point of struggling with mental illnesses. The book has gone on to give advice and solutions to the reader. This is a book that you will be able to refer back to from time to time. It gives you insight into what you should do so you can live a life that is free from pain and the hurt that you feel. Depression and anxiety are real and they are on the rise. This is because a lot of people have not been equipped with the right skills to be able to cope. This is the aim of this ebook, to provide the reader with the relevant skills which can help them curb stress and depression. How? By carrying out extensive research and by looking at things from a different perspective than the one you are used to.This book will give the reader insight on how to empower their mind and give a look into how you can change the stories you have been feeding yourself. As a reader ready to learn and know more about how cognitive behavioral therapy in regards to how it can change your life, here are some of the chapters that you will find inside. Inside you will find •Step out of yourself•Break toxic connections•Master your expectations•Let go of self-centered narratives•Change how you process your information and change your life•You can become a better judge of reality•And so much more….