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Colors Beyond Clouds: A Journey Through the Social Life of a Girl on the Autism Spectrum

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Author: Shana Belfast

Publisher: Abuzz Press

ISBN 10: 1644385155
ISBN 13: 978-1644385159

Colors Beyond Clouds is a brutally honest, first-hand account of the life of the thoughtful, sensitive Shana, a girl diagnosed with high functioning autism, from her preschool years through the summer after her first year of high school.

This book is a narrative about navigating elementary, middle and high school life in a world of social media, lunchtime cafeteria tables, and popular-kid cliques. The author speaks candidly about her desire to connect with her peers, about her social awkwardness, which is a symptom of her autism, and about how it has affected her relationships.

Colors Beyond Clouds is a story about overcoming. We see through Shana's eyes how she discovers herself and her passions, and how that discovery process has helped her to find ways to connect with others. This powerful story is relatable to anyone who has experienced bullying, or who has felt uncomfortable in social situations, or who has just felt uncomfortably different.