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Comfort Cooking for Bariatric Post-Ops and Everyone Else!

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Author: Lisa Sharon Belkin

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN 10: 1525522825
ISBN 13: 978-1525522826

ISBN 10: 1525522817
ISBN 13: 978-1525522819

For the first time in her life, Lisa Sharon Belkin thought her quest for thinness was over. After a lifetime of dieting and obesity, with a highest weight of 393 pounds, she lost over 165 pounds in the first few years after bariatric surgery. But sugar and bad carbs made their way back into her life and regain started to happen. She had to find a way out, so after a regain of 35 pounds, she committed to developing recipes that would help her lose the regained weight and keep her on the right track. She lost the 35 pounds using the recipes she developed.

Regain is a dirty secret in the bariatric community that is experienced by many. The reason for this, according to the author, is that, "We have not learned to prepare our foods properly for our situation and we continue to eat 'bad and junky' foods that just make us super hungry." This full-colour cookbook/educational tool addresses the realities of bariatric surgery and offers a solution: bariatric-friendly foods that are delicious and nutritious and that will keep post-ops on track for life.

"[Surgery] is only a tool and to be successful we still have to put a great effort into it."

Lisa discusses her personal journey and discoveries along the way during her research for this book, and shares her collection of over 90 delicious, healthy comfort food favourites, specifically designed for weight-loss surgery post-ops. The recipes are developed to deliver optimum flavour while keeping them low carb and reduced fat. Written from one bariatric post-op to another, this book is a must-have for bariatric post-ops who are struggling with weight regain, for post-ops who want to stop the regain before it happens, and for anyone else who wants to cut down on carbs and sugar with no compromise to taste and texture.

Get inspired and get cooking!...