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Conquering Trauma: Why You Cannot Experience Peace And Joy And How To Finally Point Your Life In The Right Direction

Author: Lawrence Conley

Publisher: Independently published
ISBN 10: 1713268612
ISBN 13: 978-1713268611

Publisher: M & M Limitless Online Inc.
ISBN 10: 1646961285
ISBN 13: 978-1646961283

Do you have behaviors or reactions that you wish you could change about yourself?

Are you often isolated and have a sense that something inside yourself is stopping you from feeling happiness?

Or do you find yourself acting in a way you promised you never would, such as being a bully or treating your children like you were hurt growing up?

If any of these questions resonated with you, you are not alone, and this guide can save you.

Trauma is often thought of as severe or extremely harmful experiences, but trauma is actually a reaction to an event, not the event itself.

And a seemingly mild or straightforward experience can cause you trauma and affect the rest of your life.

Experiences of trauma become the brain’s map for protecting and defending you from future pain, but sometimes you don’t need protecting.

Trauma can then poison your mind, and reveal itself in both visible and invisible ways.

Addictions, chronic illnesses, and unhealthy coping mechanisms, among others, become manifestations of that trauma, ultimately stopping you from experiencing joy.

This book offers two different ways to understand trauma and a myriad of practical strategies to deal with your trauma once and for all.

Understanding your trauma and how it has affected your life is the first step towards overcoming it so you can get rid of your negative, fear-based reactions.

This guide is based on Bessel A. van der Kolk’s 1989 study “The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma Re-enactment, Revictimization, and Masochism,” published in Psychiatric Clinics of North America.

His work shows how trauma manifests itself, and how it is unconsciously repeated and sought out by the victim, whether it is behaviorally, emotionally, or physiologically.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • What your trauma is - even if you never realized you had it - because the first step is understanding where it comes from
  • How to rewire your brain from the trauma that will continue to plague you until you deal with it
  • Why you will improve both your physical and emotional health when you finally confront your trauma
  • The absolute worst thing you are doing right now that is stopping you from ever healing
  • How much joy you have missed out on by not dealing with your trauma, and how to take control of it as soon as possible
  • The best strategies, individualized for you, so that you can find your path to happiness
  • How trauma affects each person differently, so you can finally understand why your loved one acts the way they do
  • The most effective, and easiest way, to find yourself without paying for a therapist or sharing your innermost secrets with strangers

The past and all of its pain do not simply disappear, especially when it comes to trauma.

Rather than dealing with it on your own, this guide will lead you step-by-step with practical tools for stopping your past from defining your present and future.

Don’t let the fears rooted in your trauma define you anymore. Click “Add to Cart” right now to deal with your trauma and experience real joy!