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Cooking to Cure: A nutritional approach to anxiety and depression

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Author: Angela Dailey

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1508568146
ISBN 13: 978-1508568148

If you, or someone you know, are one of the over 350 million people worldwide suffering from depression or anxiety and seeking answers beyond medication, Cooking to Cure may be just what you need. In this groundbreaking book, clinician Angela Dailey, LCSW, shows you how to attain optimal mental health through eating whole, natural foods. Based on sound scientific research, Cooking to Cure, explores the relationship between nutrition and the most common mental ailments worldwide – anxiety and depression. As our diets have become more and more depleted of essential nutrients contained in whole “real” food and replaced with commercially processed food, the incidence of depression and anxiety has skyrocketed. Cooking to Cure provides the tools you need to balance your neurochemistry naturally. Inside you will discover how to: • Relieve anxiety and depression by eating nutrient rich foods • Understand nutrients and how they affect the brain • Choose the right foods for optimal mental health nutrients • Learn which neurotransmitters are involved in depression and anxiety and how to balance them with the right foods • Track beneficial nutrients with tools like the Nutrient Content Table • Enjoy easy, healthy recipes that are gluten-free and refined sugar-free to get you started on your “whole foods” journey! Food is designed to be our medicine. Let Cooking to Cure show you how to eat your way to better mental health!