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Crisis and Trauma Counseling: Unique Forms of Helping

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Author: Eric Owens

Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

ISBN 10: 1516528034
ISBN 13: 978-1516528035

Crisis and Trauma Counseling: Unique Forms of Helping introduces students to the nature of crisis and provides them an overview of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required by mental health professionals to successfully assist in a time of crisis. 

The book begins by providing readers with a definition of crisis and an explanation of the nature of crisis work. Section I discusses what a crises is and how it differs from other events, why crises have a significant impact on those who experience them, the crisis cycle, an individual’s physical, psychological, and emotional responses to crisis, and the unique practice of crisis intervention. 

Section II teaches students how to assess the severity of a crisis, how to identify clients at risk of self-harm or harm of others, and how to recognize disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and acute stress disorder. 

Section III addresses the many faces of crisis, presenting information on intimate violence, disaster recovery, terrorism, mass shootings, and hostage situations. This section also provides students with setting-specific crisis intervention techniques, strategies for developing an identity as a crisis counselor, and an overview of legal and ethical issues in crisis intervention. 

Written to provide students with a comprehensive look into the world and complex responsibilities of a crisis counselor, this text is ideal for courses in clinical mental health counseling, addiction counseling, social work, family counseling, and school counseling.

Eric Owens, Ph.D., is an associate professor and chairperson in the Department of Counselor Education at West Chester University. In addition to teaching, Dr. Owens works in private practice, provides consulting to community and school-based organizations, and is a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteer. He has published on issues related to crisis intervention and trauma counseling, and has presented nationally and internationally on these topics. Prior to joining the West Chester faculty, Dr. Owens worked extensively with people in crisis in community, higher education, and K-12 settings.

Richard D. Parsons, Ph.D., is a professor of counselor education at West Chester University. He has had a private clinical practice for over 40 years and serves as a consultant to educational and mental health institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Dr. Parsons has authored or co-authored over 80 professional articles and books, including over 35 professional and graduate level text in the areas of mental health and counseling.