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Daily Gratitude Journal for Women: 90 Day Gratitude Journal with Prompts for Women | Daily Reflection Journal

Author: Pretty Nifty Planners

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1661709877
ISBN 13: 978-1661709877

Daily Gratitude Journal for Women

The benefits of gratitude journaling include lower stress levels, a greater sense of calm and a whole new level of clarity in your life. You will learn more about yourself and be able to better focus your efforts on becoming the happiest version of yourself.

Our 90 Day Daily Gratitude Journal is designed to help you focus on being thankful for what we have life, the big things as well as the simple joys.

The Journal begins with a page explaining our tips for writing a successful gratitude journal, followed by a page with a list of 40+ gratitude prompts for you to refer to when you need inspiration.

Each daily spread contains an Inspirational or Motivational Quote, followed by a large space to write down what you are thankful for each day. Beneath that there is a section with a different question every day to get you writing about the other positive things in your life e.g. What do you love about your country?

After every 7 days, there is a page for writing your weekly reflections, allowing you to look back and review what you learned, what you accomplished, what went well and what could have been improved for the week. 

At the end of the journal, there is a page to reflect on the entire 90 day period, to record your greatest accomplishments, what could have been improved and what goals you want to achieve in the next 90 days.

If you start each day by writing down some things you are thankful for, you will begin each day on the right note. Do it daily and make it a habit to focus on the great things you have been given! 

The Gratitude Journal for Women Contains:

  • 110 Pages Total
  • 91 Daily Gratitude Journal Pages ( 13 Weeks )
  • 91 Unique Inspirational & Motivational Quotes
  • 91 Unique Questions ( one per day )
  • 13 Weekly Reflection pages
  • 1 90 Day Reflection Page
  • 1 Page of Tips for writing a successful gratitude journal
  • 1 Page of 40+ Gratitude Prompts
  • Perfectly sized 6" x 9" - Ideal for fitting in a bag, tote or purse
  • Premium matte cover design