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Dancing with Fear: Controlling Stress and Creating a Life Beyond Panic and Anxiety

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Author: Paul Foxman

Publisher: Hunter House

ISBN 10: 0897934768
ISBN 13: 978-0897934763

According to experts, anxiety develops from the combination of three ingredients: genetic traits (such as “biological sensitivity”), family influences, and stress (the “why now” factor). The stress ingredient accounts for the widespread prevalence of anxiety today. Translation? Anxiety is essentially a learned response to stress overload in sensitive people. Based on the author’s years of experience with anxiety, both personally and professionally as a seasoned psychologist, Dancing with Fear uses a recovery approach to treating this widespread problem. Dr. Foxman offers a wide range of self-help strategies — from drugs and diet to herbs and yoga — for combating panic attacks, phobias, avoidant behavior, worrying, unwanted obsessions, and body symptoms such as racing heart, shaking, breathing problems, sweating, nausea, and weakness. With 20 percent new material in this edition, Dancing with Fear offers a proven plan for reclaiming one’s life by replacing anxiety with peace, optimism, and joy.