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Dangerous Normal People: Understanding Casanova Psychopaths and the Narcissistic Virus

Author: L.W. Hawksby

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited

ISBN 10: 178623601X
ISBN 13: 978-1786236012

This memoir will take you on a remarkable and sometimes dark journey through a young woman’s two (very different) domestically abusive relationships. With her experience laid out in diary form, spanning November 2013 to early June 2016, the author reveals the subtle and not so subtle “red flag behaviours” of Casanova Psychopaths, Malignant Co-Dependents and the common Narcissist.

The reader will also learn about the Narcissistic Virus and discover how sometimes victims can be so broken by NPD Abuse that sometimes the only way to survive is to burn all your bridges and walk into the fire with the Devil himself.

The author did not escape unscathed.  She suffered the Narcissistic Virus, gained criminal convictions and still displays many C-PTSD symptoms.  This is an honest and impactful insight into her journey.

This book is designed to be mainly educational so will suits not only victims and survivors but also professionals interested in making judicial, social care and health systems better.