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Dare to Be Average: Finding Brilliance in the Commonplace

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Author: Ken Wells

Publisher: Ken Wells

ISBN 10: 0578634600
ISBN 13: 978-0578634609

For most people, average means, well, average. What would you say if someone told you it’s better to be average than to push for perfection?

After all, being average leads to healing, peace, and self-acceptance and brings you back to your center. Besides seeing the beauty and meaningfulness of average, you’ll soon discover something unexpected—you are enough.

If you are ready to at least look at what it means to be average, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what it’s done for me and my clients, and what it could do for you.

Dare to be Average is life-changing if you are willing to explore the beauty of average.

What you will discover:

1) Meaningfulness and brilliance in everydayness.

2) Purpose, focus, and acceptance of the human condition.

3) Techniques to experience pain in a healthy way in order to find a new approach to life.

For 27 years, Ken Wells has helped a diverse group of clients. This has given him the opportunity to examine the human spirit and determine that fulfillment is pretty much the same no matter what’s in your bank account.

Wells shares information that people find helpful in recovery and life. His goal is to share his message with those who want to hear it. He would like to expand his circle of influence by writing the book, as he can only help so many clients through his private practice.