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Dark Psychology Secrets: Become highly effective to analyze people. Find out if their intention is brainwashing by discovering the 7 habits of dark psychology. (Learn Psychology)

Author: Katerina Burns

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 165121199X
ISBN 13: 978-1651211991

Are you sure you are in control of your thoughts and actions?
Maybe they are lying to you and someone else is deciding for you?

We are influenced by the world we live in and people can manipulate us and convince us to do something we don't want.
Dark psychology is the study of manipulative, coercive, and persuasive techniques developed for the sole purpose of controlling the minds and behavior of other people. Psychology plays an important role in every aspect of our lives, from how we are raised and perceive the world to how we develop ways in which we interact with others and behave.

The darker side of this science is full of deception and subliminal tactics that affect us as well when we are targeted by someone who's skilled in the ability to influence how we are

If you want to defend yourself from dark psychology and from all those who try to brainwash you need to study this dark art and understand how it works.

You need to learn to recognize manipulators and find out where the subliminal messages that condition your unconscious are born.

In this book you will find information of great value that will guide you on this path, from the discovery of dark psychology to the solutions to be free from anyone who tries to influence you.

Among the topics of the book you will find:

  1.  Fantasy versus reality, and determining how to differentiate between perception, illusion, and reality.
  2.  The dark triad: how three malignant personality disorders contribute to the dangerous world of     manipulation and coercion. 
  3. What is brainwashing and mind control?
  4. NLP: What is it, and how is it used to convince and persuade people?
  5. The people in your life and in society who employ mind-control techniques
  6. Who are we? The challenges of self-identity in a world fixated on label and categories.
  7. Seizing back control of your own mind after you’ve encountered manipulation; how to guard yourself against exploitation
  8. How to break free from the constraints and emotions that others have programmed and led us to accept

You can learn the benefits of recognizing everything from early warning signs to complex techniques to guard yourself against mind control and achieve a fulfilling, positive life without the dangers of manipulation. This book will give you all the tools you need to get started!

You have to decide how to live your life, what to believe and what to do!
Don't waste any more time, click on buy now and start building your way to a free and happy life!