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David's Victory Thru Schizophrenia: Healing Awareness

Author: David LaChapelle

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1718652577
ISBN 13: 978-1718652576

In David's third book, the author deliberately details the struggles of living with Schizophrenia in an honest and revealing manner. David brings with him 18 years of experience living with psychosis being a born again Christian. He also adds his psychology expertise to the forefront of his insight having earned a psychology degree from Trent University. David talks about his instability originating from failed newer anti-psychotic medications. He describes his personal turmoil of harboring unforgiveness from feeling neglected, rejected and abandoned by family and society having to live alone for most of his time. David then illustrates how others reacted to his emotional walls and barriers he put up to protect himself from his fears. David goes into great detail about his thoughts, dysfunctional emotions he experienced that led him to distance himself from others. He learns to forgive and became stabilized on the right dosage of medication that worked for him in the past. David exemplifies courage as he moves his life forward, by confiding in his psychiatrist, group and individual therapy. Throughout the book is one and a half years of detailed personal psychiatrist appointments. As David interacts with his Doctor he eventually climbs the mountain of recovery to salvage his life and personal relationships. David then finds personal acceptance, a friend and becomes active in the community. David then enjoys life by going out on a night on the town and attending a birthday party.David's Victory Thru Schizophrenia: Healing Awareness is book that you will want to read. It is full of understanding of what it is like to suffer from Schizophrenia when your medications are not working and the dysfunctional emotions you can experience and how to heal them. Hopefully this book can give help to someone, where there is a lack of understanding and proper support like what David was experiencing. David above all else hopes this book will illuminate others to think about their loved ones or patients in a new light that what happened to David does not have to happen to anyone anymore.