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Defeating Depression: Real Hope for Life-Changing Wholeness

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Author: Leslie Vernick

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN 10: 0736923446
ISBN 13: 978-0736923446

"Leslie Vernick is a wise counselor... She is an experienced and thorough trainer who shares clearly and practically the necessary steps for getting into shape spiritually, emotionally, and physically in order to contend with depression. This is a wonderful, comprehensive guide..."
--Cynthia Heald, international speaker and author

One in five women will experience clinical depression in her lifetime. Christian counselor and author Leslie Vernick offers words of hope and encouragement as she helps women understand the symptoms of depression, what causes depression, and what steps they can take to get better and grow stronger. Employing godly wisdom and surprising insights, Leslie shares on vital topics, such as these:

  • Depression is revealing something about you. Listen to it.
  • Growth takes time and practice.
  • Things are not hopeless; you are not helpless; and you are not worthless.

Defeating Depression is a timely resource for women battling depression or for family and friends who love them and want to understand what they are going through.

Formerly titled Getting Over the Blues